6/13/21 “Faith as a Mustard Seed” by Pastor Jim Lindus

What do you do if your faith is small? Just take the first small step. Even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, God can work through your life to accomplish great things. Listen to this week’s sermon by Pastor Jim, accompanied by the music of Karl Olsen.

5/30/21 “Bite-Sized Christianity” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Sometimes making even small personal changes, let alone tackling the monumental problems of this world, can seem quite overwhelming.  That’s why Pastor Jim explores how to make the small changes in your daily life that can lead to a better, more abundant life in this Trinity Sunday and Memorial Day weekend sermon titled “Bite-Sized Christianity.”

5/9/21 “Children of an Always and Forever Loving God” by Pastor Jim Lindus

In this Mother’s Day sermon, Pastor Jim explores what a motherly love God has for us. Pastor Jim reads a classic children’s story and Karl sings several favorites. Join us in this online worship service. As a reminder, in-person church services are held each Sunday at 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

5/2/21 “All Tribes – All People” by Pastor Jim Lindus

We are called to love beyond our own tribe… beyond what is familiar to us. We are called to enlarge our capacity for love, kindness and service… to break down barriers rather than build them up. This sermon explores the disciples’ growth in understanding that God loves ALL people, as they encountered people from the wider world interested in the Good News of the Gospel.

3/21/21 “It Sucks to Be Human” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Pastor Jim explores the difficulties of being human in this week’s sermon.

Jesus, because He became fully human, Jesus was intimately aware of human suffering– this life’s pain, sorrow, disappointments, loneliness and loss, and grief.  Jesus understands our sorrow. We are not alone.

Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden at some point in their lives, some burdens are visible, others are not — which is a good reminder to be kind to all — and to ourselves.

2/28/21 “…Sometimes You Get What You Need” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Have you taken inventory of your life lately? Do your values align with your actions and choices? Have you done the hard work of reconciliation and forgiveness?

Have you listened to loving voices calling you to move forward in a positive way and drop habits and baggage that are weighing you down?

Give a listen to Pastor Jim’s sermon “…Sometimes You Get what You Need,” and share it with someone you care about.