2/28/21 “…Sometimes You Get What You Need” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Have you taken inventory of your life lately? Do your values align with your actions and choices? Have you done the hard work of reconciliation and forgiveness?

Have you listened to loving voices calling you to move forward in a positive way and drop habits and baggage that are weighing you down?

Give a listen to Pastor Jim’s sermon “…Sometimes You Get what You Need,” and share it with someone you care about.

1/24/21 “Finding Hope in God” by Pastor Eileen Burdick

Pastor Eileen serves as a hospice chaplain and shares insights into what she has learned from ministering to people in the last stages of their lives.
She explores what comes into sharper focus as hospice patients ‘downsize’ their lives in preparation for moving from this life into an eternal future closer to God.
Karl Olsen, Trinity Minister of Music, augments the sermon with a special rendition of Psalm 62, plus other hymns accompanied by his wife, Deb Lund.

1/17/21 “Turning Wine into Water” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Are we in danger of turning wine into water by ignoring God’s grace and call for unity — unity which actually celebrates diversity?

Jesus knew what it was like to be looked down on — even by people of his own hometown of Nazareth.

In this sermon on the eve of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it is good to be reminded of his prophetic vision at a time when so many are divided in this broken world.

12/20/20 “Her Story… His Story… Our Story” by Pastor Jim Lindus

At the core of the Christmas story is a human story full of joy — but also pain and doubt and suffering.  God broke into the human story to remind us that we are not alone and indeed became one of us in human form.  Not only was history changed, but our story was changed as well.

12/13/20 “One Foot in Front of the Other” by Pastor Jim Lindus

What do we do when life doesn’t follow the rules and nothing seems to make sense? How are we to go forward not knowing where the road will take us or what the future holds for us? How did Joseph manage when his world seemed to fall apart? Listen as Pastor Jim preaches good news and Karl sings advent favorites.

12/6/20 “Good News for the Last, the Least, and the Lost” by Pastor Jim Lindus

The birth of Jesus marked a revolution that still reverberates to the present day. Listen to Pastor Jim as he explains the circumstance when God became human and shepherds learned the good news for the last, the least and the lost.

11/29/20 “A Stop at the Jordan” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Today is the first Sunday an Advent, a day that marks the beginning of our Journey toward Bethlehem. In today’s worship service, Pastor Jim stops to visit with John the Baptist at the Jordan River. Karl Olsen provides beautiful and inspiring music to accompany our Advent journey.

11/15/20 “Is Your Image of God Holding You Back?” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Where did your image of God come from?  Is it a negative image of God or a positive one? Using the parable of the servants who were entrusted with certain talents (money) to invest, Pastor Jim explores some common misconceptions about God and why what you believe about God matters. If your image of God differs from what you see in Jesus, then it bears reconsidering.

11/8/20 “Underlying Conditions” by Pastor Jim Lindus

Using the Gospel parable of the wise and silly bridesmaids Pastor Jim examines what message there is for us in preparing for and living in these troubled times with our underlying conditions.
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11/1/20 “Terminal Humans in a Pandemic World” by Pastor Jim Lindus

On this All Saints Sunday we celebrate the faith of dear saints who have journeyed on before us. We have the promise that one day we will be reunited. Pastor Jim explores how we should live in the face of the pandemic and the realization that all humans must face, that we are mortal beings… but with the hope of an eternal future with God.